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LoanITT can help garages who are in the search of better financing options for their customers.

As a finance broker, LoanITT can offer garages access to a wide range of finance partners.

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LoanITT works with garages around Ireland to provide better financing options for their customers.

Once you have been approved, LoanITT will provide access to its online platform where you can submit applications on behalf of your customers.

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Hire purchase is a type of credit and way to finance buying a new or used asset. Under a HP agreement, you hire the machine and pay an agreed amount typically in monthly repayments. 

The loan is secured against the asset meaning you don”t own the asset until the last payment is made. 

The total amount you pay the finance company is the total HP which is made up of: 

The cash price of the vehicle + Interest + Fees to setup and end the agreement.

​Minimum Finance Requirements

18 years and over

Finance amount is > €5,000

Finance Term to between 2-6 years

The LoanITT Way – FOC (Free Of Charge)
LoanITT does not charge a fee for using its services. Each application through the LoanITT platform is free.
We make our money through each successful referral with our lenders ensuring we put the hard work in to get you finance you want

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LoanITT works with multiple lenders to ensure you get the best rate.


3. Contract

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